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Spagyric Tinctures
A step beyond your normal herbal tincture with the added potency of alkaline mineral salts. Choose from 140+ herbal simples made the spagyric way.
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Spagyric Essences
Our most concentrated and powerful spagyrics that concentrate the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of the plants for transformational levels of healing.
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Spagyric Formulas
Strategically designed formulas targeting specific organ system and tissue state patterns so you can meet the specific needs of your body and find the right formula.
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Organ Systems
Find the right remedy by browsing our products based on their primary organ system affinities.
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The Planets
Find specific plants organized by the 7 inner planets that are central to alchemical philosophy and practice.
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The Elements
Browse our materia medica based on their correspondences to the primary Elements of life: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
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