With A Purpose

Spagyric herbal extracts to heal the body and evolve the soul since 2009.

Natura Sophia Spagyrics (originally Organic Unity) was founded in 2009 by Sajah and Whitney Popham with a deep calling to provide transformational healing to the world through the power of spagyric herbal extracts. 

They have dedicated their lives to preserving the spagyric lineage of traditional European alchemy and providing the deepest levels of healing on the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels with the power of medicinal plants.


Sajah Popham, founder

Hey I'm Sajah, co-founder of Natura Sophia Spagyrics, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and author of Evolutionary Herbalism. I'm a father, an herbalist, spagyricist, medical astrologer, and someone simply trying to live on this Earth in a good way and make a positive difference.


Whitney Popham, founder

Welcome! I'm Whitney Anna Popham, co-founder of Natura Sophia Spagyrics and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. I'm a mother, an herbalist, a shepherdess, and a gardener cultivating beauty & resilience.

The Spagyric Process

Each of our products are handcrafted according to the principles of traditional spagyric alchemy. From the distillation of volatile oils and fermentation of herbal wines, to the crystallization of the alkaline mineral salts, our products are unlike any other herbal product out there.