Our Sourcing

Fresh from the forests, mountains, fields and gardens

We believe the deepest healing comes from working with high quality freshly harvested herbs. But even more than that, we believe the greatest healing comes from restoring our connection to the Earth - which is why we prioritize sourcing our herbs from folks who have a deep relationship and reverence to the land & plants they work with.

Natura Sophia Farm

We're still in the process of establishing our own herbal farm, but each year we're expanding the medicinals we're growing for our Spagyrics. Our goal is to be able to grow all of the cultivated herbs we use for our products.

Nature Spirit Herbs

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Oshala Farm

Oshala is a certified organic farm that uses regenerative, sustainable cultivation practices. Founded by Elise & Jeff Higley, Oshala is a small family business & farm in Williams, Oregon. They are stewards of the land farming with generations to come in mind.

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Friends of the Trees Botanicals

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Portland Ashwaganda Farm

Founded by our friend Jeff Johnson, Portland Ashwagandha Farm uses biodynamically inspired, regenerative agricultural practices in harmony with nature, the Lunar cycles and the seasons to grow the highest quality Ashwagandha.

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