The Spagyric Process

From the highest quality fresh plants and handcrafted alchemical processes, to subtle astrological influences, our spagyrics capture the full potency of medicinal plants

Spagyrics is a branch of the European alchemical tradition developed by the Swiss alchemist and physician Paracelsus. This rich lineage focuses on the preparation of medicinal plants that reaches far beyond your typical forms of herbal extract.

Each step of the spagyric process, such as distillation, fermentation, and calcination, is a reflection of the transformational processes of nature, rich in both esoteric meaning and scientific significance. From the water cycle and the changing of the seasons, to the formation of minerals within the Earth, the spagyric process harnesses these transformational processes to produce potent and unique forms of herbal medicine.

The end result is a concentrated form of the chemistry, energetics, and spiritual properties of the plants, which in turn affect the body, spirit, and soul of those who work with them.

Their goal is to bring about a transformational level of healing, one that gets the root causes, revitalizes and rejuvenates our health, and heals the whole person with the whole plant. In this way, it is a truly holistic model of herbalism, balancing the science and spirit of both people and plants.

only the freshest

Organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs

No matter how fancy or technical the extraction process, if you start with low quality plants you’ll end up with a low quality extract. All of our products start with the highest quality fresh wildcrafted or organically grown medicinals, harvested at their peak potency.

Sustainability From Seed to Harvest

We're devoted to using the highest quality wildcrafted or organically grown fresh plants as possible. Even if we're using a plant that is best prepared dry, we acquire it fresh and dry it ourselves, or receive it after it is freshly dried. We've also been building up our own herb farm, growing as many of our own remedies as we can ourselves. Everything else is sourced from local, family run farms and wildcrafters. Learn more about our sourcing here.

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Distillation of Essential Oils

Our Spagyric Essences begin with distilling the subtle volatile oils from the plants—called “Sulfur” in alchemy—which represents the soul, or consciousness of the plant, along with a host of medicinal constituents.

The Sulfur of Plants

In alchemy, the Sulfur of the plant is seen as the consciousness or the unique, individual soul of the plant. In the same way each human has a soul that is unique to them, so too do the plants- hence each volatile oil is distinct to that particular species.

Because volatile oils are... well... volatile, we only use fresh plants in the production of our Spagyric Essences, making sure all of those precious constituents are in tact and present when we distill. This is because when plants are dried for longer term storage a certain amount of those compounds are lost due to their volatile nature.

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Herbal Wines

After distillation, the plant is fermented into a wine to extract the alcohol and water soluble compounds, or the intelligence of the plant, which is referred to as alchemical Mercury. Our Spagyric Essences contain alcohol prepared from the plant itself, a highly unique attribute to this form of preparation.

The Mercury of Plants

While the Sulfur is the soul, or consciousness of the plant, the Mercury is said to be the intelligence, the mind, or the spirit of the plant. This is where we get the term 'spirits' to describe alcohol- it comes from alchemy, and the recognition that when putrefied in water, all plants produce ethyl alcohol. Thus it is the universal spirit of the plant kingdom, in a similar way that there is one spirit, one life force, that moves through all things.

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only pure crystalline

Mineral Salts

All of our products are unique in that they contain the alkali minerals salts of the plants, extracted through incineration, calcination, and dissolution. We’re proud to never compost an herb in our process, rather opting to use the whole plant, so it will heal the whole person.

The Salt of Plants

Finally we come to the Salt, which is the purified body of the plant, the physical anchor through which the Mercury and Sulfur work through. We never add plant ash to our products, opting to take the extra steps to crystallize only the pure, water-soluble salts. These are one of the key and unique components of spagyrics, for they contain the mineral matrix of the plant, which have a host of medicinal properties unto themselves (think of Horsetail and Nettles and ALL those minerals). Philosophically, extracts that contain the Salt are "embodied preparations," and thus have a stronger affinity for our physical body.

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fine tuned and aligned

With Astrological Timing

In accordance with the alchemical tradition, each step of our process is timed according to the astrological rulers of the plants, in order to align the above and the below, the spirit and the chemistry, the plants and the planets. This refines the subtle esoteric and spiritual properties of our spagyrics.

As Above, So Below: Planets and Plants

Astrology has been a part of the practice of herbalism for a very long time... only discarded with the rise of reductionistic scientific models. A tool used for holistic assessment, plant classification, therapeutics, and remedy preparation, medical astrology is a wholly different topic than your typical horoscope fortune-telling type of astrology.

In alchemy, the relationship between the archetypal forces of the planets and the medicinal properties of plants is central to the philosophy and practice. In herbalism we harvest plants, in spagyrics we harvest planets, anchoring the archetypal powers of the Heavens into the remedies we prepare on Earth. This is done through precise timing of harvesting, preparation, and each step of the spagyric process in accordance with planetary timing mechanisms. This achieves the ancient axiom of "as above, so below."

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Sage harvest in the Organic Unity gardens for preparing a fresh spagyric

Synergized with

Strategic Formulation

Our Spagyric Formulas are designed to target organ systems with specific constitutional and therapeutic patterns so they not only treat the symptom, but get to the root cause. We keep our formulas simple, never exceeding 7 herbs per formula so you’ll get a therapeutic dose of each plant.

Compounded with Constitutions in Mind

To us, formulation is as much of an art as it is a science. It's tricky to have pre-made formulas that are general enough to work for most people, but specific enough to get to the root cause and not create constitutional imbalances. On the one hand we focus on acutely addressing the symptom, but on the other work to address the underlying tissue state, or ecological pattern in the body under the symptom.

That why our Spagyric Formula line features multiple products in each organ system that focuses on specific energetic and constitutional states, or particular symptomatic patterns of expression. That way you can select a formula that matches YOUR unique pattern.

the power of

Transformational Healing

All of our spagyrics concentrate the chemical (Salt), energetic (Mercury), and spiritual (Sulfur) properties of the plants, so they will heal us physically, psychologically, and spiritually. The ultimate goal of spagyric therapy is to transform each levels of our being back to its natural balance and harmony with Nature.

Healing Whole People with Whole Plants

The spagyric process is a highly refined and advanced system of herbal pharmacy with a deep lineage of traditional practice. The philosophy is profound and the practice is fulfilling. But the most important reason we practice spagyrics is because of their profound healing effects.

In everything we do as herbalists, we strive to be holistic. We want to heal the whole person: body, spirit, and soul. And to do that, we needed a holistic form of extract, one that equally balanced the physical, energetic and spiritual properties of the plants.

And that's what spagyrics are and how they heal... rejuvenating and healing our body's, clarifying our minds, cleansing and uplifting our hearts, and helping us to connect with the true Nature of who we are. The net result being a deep and profound process of transformational healing.

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